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Paying Rent and other financial obligations

Question and answers


  1. How do I pay my rent?

    • The way to pay your rent is outlined in your lease.  Here are a few important items though:

      • Your “choice” of how you pay rent is just that, “your choice”. Whatever method you decide to use, be aware that you are fully responsible to be sure your rent is paid . Management, Landlord, Owners, etc., are never involved in your method of payment, even when you use the available online services such as Innago, Yardi, Blue Moon, Venmo, Zelle and others (be sure your method is approved by management prior to using), so we cannot control or assist you in any form of electronic payment all we can do is let you know if the bank says they received your funds).  When you use electronic payments, the entity you use is your "other" bank, which will interact with your bank that you deposit your funds into.

      • Most clients choose to pay and stay ahead by a few weeks when they are using electronic forms of payment. That way, when there are problems with your chosen path of payment, you will have plenty of time to fix those problems before late fees are automatically applied.

      • Be aware, using credit and debit cards can be problematic also. Ask your bank PRIOR to using a credit or debit card for an online transaction, to pay a landlord, to be sure your transaction can and will be processed by your institution. Regardless of the reason, if your transaction does not go through on time, late fees are applied as usual.

  2.  See your specific lease for all clauses.  But here is a rough outline of payments for your review from a current lease:       

    • Rent.

    • 3.1.  Payments. You will pay your Rent by any method, manner and place we specify in accordance with our Community Policies. We may, at our option, require at any time that you pay Rent and other sums due in one single payment by any method we specify.

    • 3.2.  Application of Payments. Payment of each sum due is an independent covenant, which means payments are due regardless of our performance. When we receive money, other than water and wastewater payments subject to government regulation, we may apply it at our option and without notice first to any of your unpaid obligations, then to accrued rent. We may do so regardless of notations on checks or money orders and regardless of when the obligations arose. All sums other than Rent and late fees are due upon our demand. After the due date, we do not have to accept any payments.

    • 3.3.  Late Fees. If we don’t receive your monthly base rent in full when it’s due, you must pay late fees as outlined in Lease Details.

    • 3.4.  Returned Payment Fee. You’ll pay the fee listed in Lease Details for each returned check or rejected electronic payment, plus initial and daily late fees if applicable, until we receive full payment in an acceptable method.

    • 3.5.  Utilities and Services. You’ll pay for all utilities and services, related deposits, and any charges or fees when they are due and as outlined in this Lease.

Currently you can also pay your rent by personal check, cashier’s check (both are mailed to our main address on page one of the website.  Be sure to mail “return receipt requested” & “Certified” for your proof and protection of date of mailing remember NSF checks are the same as if not paying at all except with an extra NSF charge along with the standard late charges), also Innago online pay systems, as well as Zelle which is used by most banks (zelle needs our email: ).  Zelle is considered direct deposit to us.  Zelle limits you as to the amount they will let you send until they decide the transactions are not fraudulent, so use their service LONG before you really need to, so that you can build the amount to the level you need for rent. (ask your Zelle customer care what their rules are)

  1. What happens if my rent in marketable funds is late getting to you and clearing the financial institutions?

    • Late is as outlined in your lease. We cannot waive late fees.

  2. How do you judge a rent is late?

    • For mailed in items, your paid date is the postmark on your letter. This only applies if the funds do not go NSF or not honored by your bank. Don’t mail cash, it will not be accepted. For electronic transactions it’s the moment your funds are cleared by your bank.

  3. What if I don’t pay my late fees?

    • Review your lease items under #3

  4. Can I pay you in person?

    • Not at this time




    • First and foremost, if you ever do not see your “monthly” utility bill, call us and talk to a human on the phone to let us know.If you get an answering machine, try again until you reach a person that can immediately assist.

    • See your lease #3

    • Sometimes the utilities auto-post for your electronic billing will be “off date” a month or two for utilities. You are never charged late fees when the system posts in this manner. As long as you take care of the bill in a reasonable amount of time there are no late fees on utilities posted late in a group and you have called us to let us know you have not received a bill for any certain month (notification must be within 15 days of not receiving your monthly utility bill).

    • More Info On Payments

    • DIRECT DEPOSIT:  In emergencies you can deposit funds at any Wells Fargo for immediate credit date.  Follow these steps exactly to complete a direct deposit.

      • 1.  Take your funds to any Wells Fargo.  Cash is fine, If using a check (no money orders) make payable to "Simple View Llc" and on the back write "For Deposit Only" and the number "2399114459"

      • 2.  Use a Wells Fargo Deposit slip. 

      • 3.  On the deposit slip fill in the "Name" as Simple View Llc , and the "Account" as 2399114459

      • 4.  Keep your receipt for proof of deposit.

      • 5.  Take a photo of the receipt and email the photo to

      • 6. Be sure you receive a reply from the office (not on weekends) that they have received your receipt.

      • 7.  Review your Innago to be sure it shows your payment (usually 3 days)

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