Quick overview on what to do to secure your home:


Just a few simple steps, and you will be finished with all this fun paperwork.

Here is what we will need to do:

1.  First:  You will fill out an "application"  click the application button





2.  Second you can have your parent or other person complete the "cosigner form"  click the cosigner button.  (note: if you feel from your past financial experiences that you do not need a cosigner, just give us a call 940-799-4060 for this step).





3.  Third: After the application and cosigner forms are filled out here on this website, watch for an email link that will soon be sent to you in your email that wil be from "TransUnion" credit and background reporting.  Fill out the TransUnion forms so that they can send us your score.  This same type of TransUnion link will be sent to your cosigner.


4.  Forth: Once the TransUnion report comes back to us (usually 48 hours) we will notify you that we are ready for your next step.


5.  Fifth: Next you can protect and secure your position by providing us with your "Tenant Deposit".  That payment allows us to take your property out of the "available" list and protect it for you.  Just give us a call 940-799-4060 and we will help with this step.


6.  And Last:  All that is left to do is get you and your roomates together at our office for 10 minutes so that we can provide you with your lease. We will call you to set this little meeting up.