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Moving out can be a challenge.  We hope to assist you in making your part as easy for you as possible. 

Most of the time, we have a person or group that will be moving into your place “the very next day” after your last occupancy date allowed on your lease.  Contact us ahead of time if you have damages or issues that you know we will need to repair or tend to prior to a new tenant moving in. Please let us know 2 weeks early so that we may assist in the correction of the item(s) so that on the morning of the new person moving in it isn’t a surprise to anyone.

Carpets:  Professionally steam clean all carpets (provide us a copy of your receipt and leave it in the freezer).  If we don't see a receipt- we will have to employ a carpet cleaning company to provide the service).  If you had a pet and or a pet visitor: BE SURE have a professional flea and tick treatment completed for your place (after the steam cleaning of the carpets) also leave receipt for the flea service in freezer.

Cleaning: Be sure to do your complete cleaning, repair, maintenance.  We are very fair with all moving procedures.  Your home has a complete file of pictures and videos the day prior to your move in and these are used for comparison at your move out.

• Take all nails and screws out of the walls and ceiling and fill them professionally. If the paint
matches, the damage will likely not be charged back to you. To "see" if you have left damage on walls, one way is to look down the walls at an angle with a harsh light, you will see wall damage easier.

• Dust the ceiling fixtures, lights, and fans. Replace bulbs that are out.
• Dust all ledges.
• Clean the windows, inside and out.
• Clean the doorknobs and doors.
• Clean all light switches and outlets.
• Clean the walls and baseboards.
• Vacuum (and then get carpet professionally steam cleaned, submit copy of receipt for proof).
• Get rid of all cobwebs, debris, trash, marks, etc.

• If you had pets be sure to use exterminator for interior treatment.
• Get soap scum off the bathroom tiles and tub/shower and bleach the grout.
• Clean out the bathroom drawers and vanity, making sure you get all the hair out (and remove any liners).
• Clean the toilet, sink, countertop and finally the floor (sweep and mop). If the toilet seat is unsavory looking, replace it.

• All p-traps and drains must be clear and clean.
• Clean the mirror.
• Vacuum out the surface of the exhaust fan and lights.
• Clean out all cabinets and liners.
• Wash the front and interior of the cabinets.
• Clean and disinfect all countertops.
• Clean and shine up the sink and faucet.
• Scrub the refrigerator inside and out. Remove all shelves and clean separately if necessary.
• Scrub the oven inside and out. Remove shelving, drip pans and burners. Use steel wool, it is your friend on surfaces that don't scratch.
• Clean out the dishwasher.
• Clean exhaust fan and filter.

• Carefully move (so that you dont scratch or tear floors) all appliances and sweep and mop behind them.
• Dust, sweep, vacuum and mop all rooms
• Mow the grass, trim bushes.
• Pull the weeds.
• Change all A/C filters
• Remove all of your items that might be stuck in the ground or hanging in trees.
• Omit offensive smells.
• Clean dishwasher and clothes dryer vent traps.

• Keys, openers, remotes,  items that belong with home: leave on kitchen countertop.  Leave one door unlocked as you have all the keys.  If you have an electronic lock, text us the door code please, and lock the doors behind you. 
• Contact office and let them know you are out and finished cleaning.

IF YOU HAD PET(S): Be sure (100% sure) that you have your home professionally exterminated and take the extra time needed to rid the home of all signs of animal habitation. Fleas, and urine in the carpets, pads, cement floors, etc. Problems really show up by turning off the air conditioner for 24 hours and letting the home warm up. If you smell that obvious odor of urine, extra cleaning or replacement is required. Please test your home prior to us testing it. Also, fleas and flea eggs are hard to detect when the animal is in the home but becomes readily apparent once the animal is gone. With the “host” gone, the left behind fleas now attach themselves to the new people moving in. Sometimes a good test can be (1) the plug-in flea trap, or (2) white sticky traps with a light next to them for 24 hours, both usually will trap and show you if there is an issue. Not 100% exact but an indicator.  Be sure to leave a copy of your professional exterminators’ flea treatment on the countertop.

This is not a complete checklist. Please just prepare your home for a usual individual like
yourself to be moving in right behind you. Any item that needs to be cleaned or repaired needs to be addressed prior to your move-out.


 Be sure to review your rent, utilities, and late fees payment history (if you have a room mate(s) remember since your lease is in "joint tenancy" all tenants are responsible for all charges together), as any late fees, or repair cost you (and your roommate) have not yet paid will become a delinquency, and delinquencies must be reported to all credit reporting agencies for tenant's and associated cosigners credit reports.  Follow the lease & Landlord's rules to receive deposit.  Our desire is to provide your personal file with a fantastic rental history to the Credit Reporting companies. PLEASE review your own personal pay history to be sure that your transactions each month were in the date range that are provided for in the lease. Where your payments fall outside the date range, late fees are assessed as outlined in your lease.  Double check your own pay history for monthly rent and utilities paid to management during your lease.

​ Text us the moment you are leaving for the final time, so that we know the home is empty.  Leave keys and door openers on the kitchen counter and leave one door unlocked (as you the client have all the keys).  If you have an electronic lock, please text us your code and then no door needs to be left unlocked when you leave.

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