Maintenance and repair requests can be a bit confusing, but it is important that you review this little explanation so that we are all on the same page and that we all try to avoid any misunderstandings (see also your lease, or the blank lease copy here on this website).


Be sure to REQUEST IN WRITING what you are asking for.  This is a simple as clicking the button marked "Maintenance".  Remember items that are caused by the "house" we will cover the cost, Items that are the result of the tenant (includes friends etc) will be billed back to the tenant. (see also A&M University Landlord Tennant Guide).


Grey areas that can confuse: 


There is no way to describe all the repair requests that might occur but here are a few that would be the tenant’s responsibility. (1) Garbage disposal stops working.  Repairman finds a spoon stuck inside.  Tenant's responsibility for reimbursement.  (2) Tenant accidentally locks himself out, breaks window to gain access, calls in broken window request.  Tenant's responsibility for reimbursement.  (3) toilet is clogged.  Will fill with water but not go down due to clog.  Repairman snakes the line and is cleared.  Tenant's responsibility for reimbursement.


Here are a few that would be the Landlord's responsibility.  (1) Old handle on bedroom door becomes difficult to use.  Force is required.  Repair would be landlords responsibility if not damaged by abuse.  (2)  Freeze causes water pipe to crack and leak.  Could not be caused by tenant, repair is Landlords.  etc.


Lots of times it is human nature to find a way to make the cause of a repair seem that it was caused by natural causes and not caused by the tenant, accidentally or not.  We will always err on the side of our client's and attempt to help in every way.  There are times though that the requested action may be needed on your part due to it not being a covered item.  (consumption items like light bulbs, filters, batteries etc are never the landlord's responsibility, but we will assist always with CO2 and smoke detectors.  Don’t forget to change your air filters every month)