"I've moved out (or am about to move out) and I forgot my move out notice (and forwarding address) to management.  What do I do now?"

If you forgot to mail to management your 30 day Notice of Non Renewal and forwarding address (as outlined in your lease), you can mail one into us now if you would like.  Your notice should state that you desire not to renew your lease and then be sure to include your desired new address (forwarding address) and mail to:


"Management, 624 W. University Dr #410, Denton Texas 76201.  Snail mail.  (Please reference your lease for further overview).

There will be an amount of time that will transpire, but your move-out deposit accounting will be sent to you (with statutory lease requirements fulfilled). Usual time span is 30 days.  Please don't call or text to "check up" on the progress.  Email if you would like to email@athomeincollege.com.

Thanks again!