Applications for you and your cosigner


2 step process.  Best if completed on a large screen like a laptop not a smartphone.

1.  You (and or your co-signer) please click below on the application that is appropriate and fill out the quick-form. 

2.  Once this short form is filled out and sent electronically to us, you will see on your screen a link to fill out the "Blue Moon Software" application that allows your info to flow over to your lease.  Please complete that form online (sorry its a long one). 


Once that is completed you will receive an email with a link to "TransUnion MySmartMove" for the background and credit check report.  (NOTE: please use the same email address you have used in all paperwork with us).  Though we have no charges or fees for applications, the Trans Union Smart Move does charge you a fee for the credit report (which you can use for us and other managers).  PLEASE NOTE: dont go to TransUnion SmartMove website, because your info will not automatically link to us.

3.  Once you fill out the TransUnion MySmart Move through the link from our email to you, we will receive their report for you usually within 24 hours.  We can then call you to finish up paperwork etc.  (Co-signers might not be redirected automatically).

4.  During this time of approval, you might also receive your "electronic lease" in your email for your electronic approval. 

5.  If you would like to protect your position, you can put in your application for deposit that allows you to be considered primary to others that may be applying. Call us for this option (940-799-4060) see next page for full details and please review the specifics on the information sheet below with the "application" button.