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Real Estate Brokerage & Management Website
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Properties for lease

Including UNT and TWU

campus areas

As well as other houses not on campus

Quick note on the button below "Current Client Services". On your first time accessing these areas, be sure to first select "Sign Up" (instead of "log In").  When you "sign up" you will insert your email and a password that you choose yourself.  Then you text us (940-799-4060) that you have "Signed Up" and in your text let us know your name and email and physical address, Monday-Friday a human will review your request and toggle your access to "on".  You then can return here and "Log In".

9 to 5 M-F

Mailing Address: 624 W. University Dr 118, Denton Texas 76201-1889

Real Estate Management
Simple View LLC

Towing Enforced at all properties.  Please be sure to acquire a parking approval prior to occupying   Also as soon as you are approved with a lease, be sure to click the button above to obtain access to "Client Services"

After you have been approved to be a new tenant, and your lease is fully signed and executed by all parties, BE SURE to sign up here on "Current Client Services"  ("Sign Up or Log In" will be your two choices, be sure to select "Sign Up"). 


Once you click the "Current Client Services" button above, it will ask for an email address for you (be sure to use the same email address you used when you completed your application), and it will also ask for a "password" that password will be one of your own making and for your private access.  Please choose a password you will remember.


Important Note

If your new account has not been approved for you within 3 business days, be sure you call our office and talk to (not just leave a message) an assistant to help you have access (940-799-4060)

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